Easy to make cloth dolls - print on fabric at home

Easy to make cloth dolls

I recently had some fun printing and sewing some cloth dolls. They are so easy to make and if my 5 year old granddaughter has anything to say about it, they are very much fun to play with.

Here are some of the dolls leaning against the iPad. You notice the iPad is not turned on (because she was having so much fun playing with the dolls!).

First you want a nice clear image that you can print onto fabric.
I scanned some paperdolls into my computer (enlarged them a little) and used those as my images to print.

You can buy the fabric sheets ready to print (which is kind of expensive) or you can use muslin and freezer paper to make your own sheets that will feed through your inkjet printer.

After you have printed, trim around your image leaving enough white for you to sew a seam around the doll. Peel the printed doll from the freezer paper and place it face up onto a piece of felt or fabric. I used felt for the back because it is soft and easy to work with (and doesn't fray!).

This video explains how to print on fabric at home. There are several other videos on YouTube demonstrating this method, so check them out when you get a chance.

Starting at the bottom by the feet, sew all around the doll, ending up back at the feet. Leave the bottom open so that you can stuff the doll.

It was easier for me to cut around the doll with pinking shears BEFORE stuffing. Once the doll is stuffed, it becomes more difficult to cut neatly.

After stuffing the doll, sew a seam across under the feet and trim across the bottom with pinking shears.

So easy to make and these sweet dolls 
can bring so much joy to a young child!

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