Victorian - Tinting on fabic with Prismacolor pencils - Enter with a Glad Heart

Hello friends! This is my latest project of tinting on fabric with Prismacolor pencils. Once again, I used a plain piece of white muslin for my canvas. This time, I thought it would be fun to take pictures as I worked my way through. This project is from a pattern by Juliet Martin from her book Victorian Potpourri (1991).

First, of course, I need to transfer the pattern onto the muslin. I use the Light Tracer light box by Artograph and a Micron 02 (0.30mm) ink pen. You can also tape your pattern and fabric to a window and do your tracing that way. 


Hand Tinted Pillow with Angel and Roses, Lace and Ruffles Shabby Chic

Hello friends! Today I have for you a lovely hand tinted ruffled pillow!

This is a one-of-a-kind hand-colored shabby chic fabric pillow. This is NOT a printed picture on the pillow. 


Hand Tinted Pillow with Luck O' the Irish Four Leaf Clover Shabby Chic

Hello friends! Today I have for you a lovely handmade and hand tinted pillow!

Luck O' the Irish - a hand colored fabric pillow for your Irish home


Crocheted Sofa Tissue Box Cover with Pillows and Doilies

Hello friends! Today I have for you a lovely hand crocheted tissue box cover.

This is a pretty hand crocheted tissue box cover made as a little sofa. It is adjustable with a drawstring on the bottom to snugly fit your rectangular tissue box. 


Making a pillow from a crayon colored fabric block

Hello friends! As some of you know, I have been making some fabric color blocks and been having a blast doing it! I've used one of the fabric blocks that I colored to make a pretty pillow. 

The heart on this pillow was made like this:

Grandmother's Treasure Chest

If you enjoy children, it's easy to build up a treasure chest of raw materials for them to make things with. The treasure chest can be anything from a big box to an extra closet. If you purchase items, try to buy things that help children create.

egg cartons
plastic bottles
pill bottles
inner tubes
cardboard tubes from toilet paper and paper towels
remnants of cloth, lace, braid, etc.
old nylon stockings
scraps of wood, tile, linoleum, carpet, etc.
tin cans
pieces of candles
boxes of all kinds
corrugated paper
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