May 30, 2018

What does it mean to be a Patron?

Patreon is a unique opportunity for fans who enjoy my work to join me on my mission while getting fabulous content not offered to the general public. 

Becoming a patron is much like becoming a member of a group. You join and become a patron (a member of my group). Being a patron (member) entitles you to free content (downloads) of my work. You can cancel at any time. 

Many of my Patrons are here because they appreciate the work I do and just want to be a part of my creative journey, while others are here because of the valuable content that I offer. Once you become my Patron, you'll feel good knowing that you are funding monthly resources and content that otherwise would not exist.

Funding from my Patreon community empowers me to dedicate more time to creating.
Patrons are able to influence the content I create though comments and polls.
My Patrons inspire me to consistently create content each month.

My Patreon community allows me to connect with my fans on a deeper level by being more accessible.

My Patreon page makes it easy for me to share exclusive content that I create especially for my Patrons. As a member of my community, you will get access to Patrons-only Rewards that are not available to the general public.

A SPECIAL THANKS to all of my current and past Patrons for empowering me to be a successful full-time creator. 

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