How-To: Make a Growth Chart for a Child

How-To: Make a Growth Chart for a Child

This colorful wall graphic is very special. As a child grows he or she can move the climber up to match each new height.

Size: 20" x 38" 
*1-1/8 yds. muslin
*1-1/8 yds. felt
*13" x 20" rectangle polka-dot fabric for sky
*13" x 20" rectangle floral print for meadow
*Bright fabric and felt scraps for appliques and mountain climber; iron-on tapes may be used for climber and small flag
*41" self-gripping fastener 
*1-5/8 yds wide single fold white bias tape
*2 tape measures -- 1 metric, 1 imperial
*1-1/4 yds green fringe
*Assorted trims and lace motifs
*Fusible webbing scraps

1. Cut: Cut one 20" x 38" muslin piece and one in felt. Make design pieces shown on graph. Use a free-hand approach to cut appliques from fabrics. Allow 1/4" at lower edges for overlap.

2. Assemble: Working from top to bottom, pin dotted fabric to muslin. Layer and pin mountain motifs in place using chart as a guide. Pin floral foreground fabric in lower area. Machine applique large pieces into position and attach at outer edges. Add trees, lacy snowflakes, mountain snowcaps and floral trims. Apply the hooked portion of self-gripping fastener tape to form road, clipping at curves.

3.Backing: Pin and stitch bias tape to front, mitering corners and covering raw outer backing edges. Pin felt piece to muslin back. Edgestitch around chart. Cut tape measures on a slant at 20-1/2" and at 58-1/2". Edgestitch to chart sides.

4. Mountain Climber: Cut shape A from felt and other body parts from felt scraps, fabric or iron-on tapes. Whipstitch a 2" loopy piece of self-gripping fastener to the back of shape A. Fuse or stitch body shapes to the front of A as shown in graph. Mark the eye with a pen or take a few dark stitches.

5. Flag (optional): Small pendants can be cut and fused to chart with the child's name and date marking his or her height.

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