A Hand Painted Folk Art Dollhouse

Hand Painted Folk Art Dollhouse

This is a dollhouse kit that I built and hand painted in the Folk Art theme. Almost all of my dollhouses that I make have a specific theme or idea behind them. I like to think they tell a story.

The house was built before any painting was done. This can make it more difficult to reach some areas for painting, but it is the way I prefer to work.

This picture shows the front door and porch area. I painted a
welcome sign above the door and roses on the porch area.
You can see some details and shading that make it more realistic.

A little closer view of the front door and porch area.

And even closer, you can see the pretty roses and shading on the porch posts.

A side view of the adorable bench seats on the front porch.

Another view of the porch benches with tiny roses painted on the benches.

A view of one of the painted porch benches.

This view shows the painted roses and detail across the back of the bench.
Also you can see the pattern painted on the seat of the bench.

This view shows the bunny rabbits, heart and ribbon pattern
painted on the wall beside the porch area.

This is a close-up view of the welcome sign, bluebird
 and roses painted above the front door.

A side view of the window with painted roses, bunnies, ribbon and heart.

A view of the side of the house with detail painting of roses.

A side view of the house with window and
painted roses, bunnies, heart and ribbon.

A close-up of the painting under the window of bunnies, heart and ribbon.

A close-up of the panel at the back of the house with painted duck and hearts.

A view from the front of the house with painting of duck,
tulip, hearts and blue bow on the side panel of the side window.

This view shows the side of the house that was flat (no windows).
I painted a blue side door, porch, flowers and a clothesline
with clothes hanging and lightly blowing in a breeze.

A close-up the painted side door, porch and clothesline of clothes.

A close-up of painted Folk Art tulips and leaves on the side of the house.

This view shows painted rose, line detail and shading.

This is a view of the open back of the house.

Looking inside the living room you will see that I painted a wall paper
of blue striped and tiny roses. I used a piece of cotton fabric for the carpet.

This view shows a close-up of the painted wallpaper and the spiral stairs.

Another view inside the living room showing more of the painted wallpaper.

This view shows the upstairs with windows and the alcove.

This is a view of the upstairs on the right side.
It has painted blue ribbons for decoration.

This view shows the left side of the upstairs, with
painted roses, blue ribbon and a saying.

This shows the roses painted in the center alcove upstairs.

An lastly, this view shows the ink detail on the shingles
and the line paint detail on the top trim of the dollhouse.

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