Day 2-Making two Victorian Dolls

Hello friends! Here's day two of making the dolls for my granddaughter!

Yesterday, I traced the dolls onto muslin. Last evening I did all the coloring for both dolls. Because I am making them small, it went quickly. I used crayolas for most of the coloring, and used Prismacolor pencils when I didn't have a color in the crayons.

I really like using crayolas. It's easy to sharpen them, they are inexpensive and they give excellent coverage. (Always use a light touch with a small circular motion). When finished coloring, I put the piece of muslin on the ironing board (face up), set the iron to "cotton" setting, placed a piece of white paper over the muslin, and ironed. The heat sets the crayola into the fabric and it is now permanent and won't rub off. Ironing the white paper on top of the muslin, will pick up any excess crayon on the fabric.

These pictures were taken with my phone as I did the coloring. Not the best pictures, but pretty easy to follow, I think.

I made one with blond hair and the other with brown hair.

The blond haired doll:

first I colored her skin area with a peach color.

next I did a little shading under her hairline and neck with a little darker peach color. Her face looks lighter than her body in this picture, but it's actually the same peach color.
I also colored her hair with a light gold color.

same for the back

next I used a brown color to shade her hair

same for the back

on the back, I colored her shoes with  light brown and shaded with a darker brown.

I added some blue to her eyes, pink to her lips and cheeks and although you can't really see it, there is pink on the bottom trim of her waistband. I colored and shaded her shoes.
Pretty cute, huh?

And for the brunette I did basically the same steps.

today I will try to get them sewn together and stuffed. Then I will make their clothes!

I'm so glad you stopped by...
Have a great day...

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