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Have you ever tried painting an embroidery pattern onto fabric?

 I did.....years ago...using Aunt Martha's Ballpoint Paint Tubes. I had some success, but didn't pursue it because I couldn't get the fine detail that I wanted. They may have improved over the years but this time I decided to try the Tulip brand. I was at Hobby Lobby looking for something else (of course) and spotted the TULIP 28976 Fine Writers Marker, 20-Pack . **I've also used fabric paint from a bottle, but don't care for the bulky feel of most fabric paint.

I have a lot of embroidery patterns so off I went to see how the Tulip fabric markers worked.I was very pleasantly surprised at the results. I find the Tulip brand much easier to use. Their fabric markers have a very fine tip and that is what I wanted.

I did learn one thing though, and it's important! Use the very lightest touch possible! If you are close to your outline and touch down too hard, it might bleed outside your outline. That happened a couple of times on my first project, and even though it was almost impossible to see the color outside the line, I didn't want ANY outside the line. lol. So I used white fabric paint to touch up. After that, I was very careful and used a very light touch with the Tulip markers!

Here are a couple that I've done so far.....and I've given you the pattern just below each.

Oh, before I show you, I wanted to mention a few ways to get the outline onto the fabric. You'll probably want to use a tightly woven muslin or linen fabric to get the best results.
1. you can print the pattern onto paper on an ink jet printer, turn it face down on the fabric and iron. Sometimes just the ink from the paper will transfer right onto the fabric. It depends on the printer and the fabric.

2. you can print the pattern on paper and go over the lines with a Sulky Iron-on Tranfer Pen. Then place your traced pattern face down on the fabric and iron on.

and 3. this is the method I plan to use in the future.....(with this method, I don't have to be concerned about reversing patterns with text).
I just ordered a LightTracer Light Box 10x12" from Amazon. I bought the 10" x 12" surface. I will lay my printed pattern on the light box (face up), tape it down, lay my fabric over the paper, tape down the fabric so that it doesn't move, and use a Sakura 30081 Pigma Micron Blister Card 005 Ink Pen, 0.20-mm, Black ink pen to trace my design directly on the fabric. The pens are waterproof, chemical resistant, fade resistant, bleed free, quick drying and pH neutral.

So now, on to show you what I have done so far.

and here is the pattern for you.....

(click to enlarge and save)

Then I did the sweet blue birds!

If you're going to print, turn paper face down on the fabric and iron, you will use this pattern:

(click to enlarge and save)

If you are going to use a light box, lay the fabric over the pattern and copy with pen, you will use this pattern:

(click to enlarge and save)

And now you might ask.........what am I going to make with these? I want to make them into little sachet pillows for gifts. Like a little boudoir pillow. Add some lace or ruffles and maybe even embroider one of them on the outlines. 

I just love giving life and color to embroidery patterns! Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial!

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