Barbie Crochet 1895 Afternoon Dress Costume

Barbie Crochet 1895 Afternoon Dress Costume

This hand crocheted suit is a beautiful reproduction of the clothing worn in the 1890's when afternoons were meant for afternoon tea and socializing.

The skirt has fine detailing with deep oval sections of crochet mesh lace embellished with applique bouquets of tiny crochet roses, loops and trims for the rich look of Irish lace. The fashionable bell shape skirt has a lining of satin underneath. 

The beautiful jacket has a matching mesh lace yoke. Tightly fitted, it closes at the front with a row of tiny pearl buttons and buttonhole loops that actually work. The high collar is set off with a ruffled lace jabot and pretty pearl pin. The big puffy sleeves are pulled tight at the elbow with long slim-fitting open mesh cuffs. The jacket has a V-front peplum, caught up in the back in a deeply gathered frill reminiscent of the bustles of earlier days.

Worked in tiny interlocking scallops, the suit has the look of rich fabric with embroidered lace panels. 

The hair is swept up and adorned with pretty roses. A gorgeous, matching scalloped hat, adorned with fluffy feathers sits jauntily on the side of her head. 

A realistic purse of mesh lace with tiny rose trim, dangles from one arm. 

This enchanting ensemble was worked in cream bedspread weight crochet cotton for the look of rich antique lace. 

This outfit took about two weeks to make and involves thousands of stitches. I enjoyed every minute of it!

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