Feb 9, 2014

Découpage Inspiration - from bottles to furniture - a journey of beauty

The age-old art of découpage is alive and well today.........here are some beautiful projects for your inspiration. They certainly get me revved up for some projects! I know I have some bottles....and tin cans.....and.....

Feb 7, 2014

A DIY Memory Treasure Box

As soon as I saw this, I knew it was my style. I love the "old" look! Maybe it's because I'm old? lol.

This was a plain box in another life and has been turned into a real "treasure"!

Dawn Edmonson is a wonderfully creative person and shows how to make a box like this at The Feathered Nest.

I think you could make something like this with either a small or large box and it would look equally beautiful.

Feb 6, 2014

Feb 2, 2014

Barbie Crochet 1895 Afternoon Dress Costume

Barbie Crochet 1895 Afternoon Dress Costume

This hand crocheted suit is a beautiful reproduction of the clothing worn in the 1890's when afternoons were meant for afternoon tea and socializing.