Barbie Crochet 1894 Visiting Dress Costume

Barbie Crochet 1894 Visiting Dress Costume

This hand crocheted visiting dress is a beautiful reproduction of the clothing worn in the 1890's when afternoons were meant for afternoon tea and socializing.

The luscious skirt is magnificently crocheted in a lavish lace pattern that looks like antique fabric. Edged in an intricate circular design, the hem is further enhanced with tiny bubble appliques. Under the skirt is a satin lining.

The bodice is fashioned in matching crochet lace with puffy elbow-length sleeves. A gorgeous insert of finely gathered tulle edged in gimp and rope trims adorns the bosom. Elegant wrapped pink satin ribbon gloves cover the arms.

Her hair is swept up in a soft Gibson Girl style. Crowning the head is an extravagant wide-brimmed hat of fine crochet pleats edged in rich trim. A froth of soft tulle frills and pink feathers embellish the rim.

Her pretty pink parasol is also made in fine crochet pleats with gimp trim topped in a soft profusion of fine tulle frills.

In her hand she carries an adorable lace handkerchief, edged in crochet lace. A Victorian mussie-tussie with a tassel is attached at the waist.

This enchanting ensemble was worked in pink bedspread weight crochet cotton. This outfit took about two weeks to make and involves thousands of stitches. 

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