Barbie Crochet 1908 Beaded Theater Gown Costume

Barbie Crochet 1908 Beaded Theater Gown Costume

This hand crocheted and beaded theater gown is a beautiful reproduction of the clothing worn in the early 1900's when attending the theater or opera.

This beaded gown was made with each bead being crocheted into the gown.

The tightly fitted bodice has an elegant off the shoulder neckline edged with fancy beaded loops. The authentic old fashioned sleeves were made from rows of beads draped across the upper arm. The chest is adorned with more strands of beads and a richly embellished applique for a fashionable heavy bosomed effect.

The skirt falls smoothly over the hips, increasing gracefully at the back. The hem is edged in a luxurious looped border.

The doll's hair is worn in a charming Gibson Girl style. A tiny matching hat with frothy red feathers is perched on the back of her head.

In one hand she carries an adorable beaded evening bag. 

This enchanting ensemble was worked in red bedspread weight crochet cotton.  
This outfit took about two weeks to make and involves thousands of stitches and rocaille beads. 

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  1. These doll clothes are stunning! As a girl, my grandma used to crochet clothes for my Barbies, but nothing this elegant!